Rosen papers to be available for download

Judith Rosen has announced that she is going to be making all of her father’s papers available for download from her website. The papers will be downloadable for free; however, Judith stipulates a certain proviso at the top of the web page:

IF my father’s work helps you to create work of your own that generates income, you will owe me a percentage of that income. I will leave it to the conscience of the individual to decide what that percentage ought to be, as I think it will be different based on how important Robert Rosen’s work was in the creation of your own. I cannot enforce this agreement, of course, but you will know that by downloading his work, you have entered into this agreement with me, and I trust that your conscience will remember it.

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2 Responses to Rosen papers to be available for download

  1. carmine garzillo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I agree at all with your conditions.

    Dr. Carmine Garzillo

    Chemistry Department
    University “Federico II”
    Località Monte S.Angelo via Cintia
    80126 Naples Italy

  2. Paul Emmett says:

    Of course you have my commitment to share any income. I am still, alas, a begiinning student of your father’s work after ten years of study or so. As you will remember I am a social worker.
    Thank you for all your help in the past and I treasure the copy of “Anticipatory Systems” which you replaced after Hurricane Katrina destroyed my precious copy.
    Hopefully someday I will be able to articulate the manner in whch I believe your father’s work applies to psychology, sociology and political science and policy as well.
    It is strange that he has given me understanding in ways that I have trouble explaining, but are clear in my mind.
    Thanks for keeping your father’s work for the world. It will take a while before people realize what they have been given.
    Paul Emmett