MIT Artificial Life summer issue – Chu-Ho revisited

The summer 2007 issue of Artificial Life is now available. As I previously mentioned, this issue contains three papers relevant to Rosen. They all revolve around the 2006 paper by Chu and Ho:

  • “A Living System Must Have Noncomputable Models” by A.H. Louie
    • Abstract: “Chu and Ho’s recent article in Artificial Life is riddled with errors. In particular, they use a wrong definition of Robert Rosen’s mechanism. This renders their “critical assessment” of Rosen’s central proof null and void. “
    • doi:10.1162/artl.2007.13.3.293
  • “Interpreting Rosen” by Olaf Wolkenhauer
    • Abstract: “Some reflections on Robert Rosen, Chu and Ho, and Louie.”
    • doi:10.1162/artl.2007.13.3.291
  • “The Localization Hypothesis and Machines” by Domenique Chu and Weng Kim Ho
    • Abstract: “In a recent article in Artificial Life, Chu and Ho suggested that Rosen’s central result about the simulability of living systems might be flawed. This argument was later declared “null and void” by Louie. In this article the validity of Louie’s objections are examined.”
    • doi:10.1162/artl.2007.13.3.299
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