Louie paper in MIT Press Artificial Life journal

MIT Press’ Artificial Life journal announces it will publish Aloisius Louie’s rebuttal paper,”A Living System Must Have Noncomputable Models“, to the 2006 Chu-Ho paper “A Category Theoretical Argument against the Possibility of Artificial Life: Robert Rosen’s Central Proof Revisited” (see this post) in the forthcoming Volume 13, Issue 3, Summer 2007 issue. (Interestingly, Chu and Ho will have a paper published in that issue. Also, Olaf Wolkenhauer will have a paper entitled “Interpreting Rosen” in that issue as well.)

Link:  http://www.mitpressjournals.org/page/journal/forthcoming.jsp?journalCode=artl

Preprint: http://www.panmere.com/rosen/Louie_noncomp_pre_rev.pdf


Chu and Ho’s recent paper in Artificial Life is riddled with errors. In particular, they use a wrong definition of Robert Rosen’s mechanism. This renders their “critical assessment” of Rosen’s central proof null and void.

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