Letelier (M,R)-system papers at ECAL 2011

Juan-Carlos Letelier will be presenting two papers on (M,R)-systems at the ECAL 2011 (European Conference on Artificial Life). The conference is Aug 8-12 in Paris, France.

The theme of the conference sounds quite interesting:

Refocusing on biology and complex systems

Back then, in the early 1990’s, the first two ECAL conferences in Paris and Brussels were mainly centered on theoretical biology and the physics of complex systems. Today, we feel that Alife can look back on these origins and take more inspiration from new developments at the intersection between computer science and theoretical biology—thus it is our wish to refocus the conference on complex biological systems. Closing a loop, this ECAL will mark the 20th anniversary of the 1st ECAL and will be framed as a tribute to the late Francisco Varela, co-organizer in 1991 with two of this year’s committee members (Paul Bourgine, CREA, and Hugues Bersini, IRIDIA).

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