Thematic Journal Issue on Anticipatory Systems

Robert Rosen’s anticipatory systems are the focus of the first in a series of thematic issues of the International Journal of General Systems [1], as noted by George Klir in the issue editorial:

The primary distinction is that thematic issues are invited and written by one author or, possibly, by one team of authors. The purpose of publishing each of these thematic issues is not only to stimulate interest in the covered area, but also to convey a message that this area is central to the aims of the journal, thus encouraging submission of papers contributing to it.

This is the first thematic issue. It is devoted to anticipatory systems and its author, Mihai Nadin, is one of the most distinguished contributors to this area. While the idea was introduced in two papers published by Robert Rosen in 1974 in the first volume of this journal, virtually nothing on anticipatory systems has been covered in the following 37 volumes. It is, thus, timely to report on the tremendous developments since those early papers and express in this way the ongoing interest of the International Journal of General Systems in this important area. It is my hope that this thematic issue will stimulate the basic and applied research in anticipatory systems and, at the same time, encourage researchers working in the area to submit papers describing their work to this journal. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Mihai Nadin for accepting my invitation and preparing, within a relatively short time, this interesting and comprehensive overview of the rapidly growing area of anticipatory systems.

The issue features a paper by Mihai Nadin, “Anticipation and dynamics: Rosen’s anticipation in the perspective of time” [2].


* Notably, the issue is currently free to download.

* In addition, it appears that Taylor & Francis have made access to issues of the International Journal of General Systems and the International Journal of System Science available for free, for at least this month. So, do a sitewide search for “Robert Rosen” as the Author Name and download his papers now!



[1] International Journal of General Systems, Volume 39 Issue 1 2010.

[2] Nadin, M. 2010. “Anticipation and dynamics: Rosen’s anticipation in the perspective of time“. IJGS 39(1):3-33. DOI: 10.1080/03081070903453685.


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