Klir: Book Review of “More than life itself: A synthetic continuation in relational biology”

Recently published review [1] by the editor-in-chief of IJGS George Klir of Louie’s book “More than Life Itself” [2]. The essential quote from the review (with which I heartily agree): My overall impression of the book is very positive. It is not only a comprehensive, rigorous and well-written overview of … Continue reading

ALIFE XII Paper: “(M,R) Systems and RAF Sets: Common Ideas, Tools and Projections”

Published recently in the Artificial Life XII Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems [1]. The abstract: There are deep underlying similarities between Rosen’s (M,R) systems as a definition of life and the RAF sets (Reflexive Autocatalytic systems generated by a Food source) … Continue reading

Nadin: “Anticipation and the artificial: aesthetics, ethics, and synthetic life”

Published recently in in AI & Society [1]. The abstract: If complexity is a necessary but not sufficient premise for the existence and expression of the living, anticipation is the distinguishing characteristic of what is alive. Anticipation is at work even at levels of existence where we cannot refer to … Continue reading

Mikulecky paper: “Even More than Life Itself: Beyond Complexity”

Published online recently and to be included in an upcoming issue of Axiomathes [1]. The abstract: This essay is an attempt to construct an artificial dialog loosely modeled after that sought by Robert Maynard Hutchins who was a significant influence on many of us including and especially Robert Rosen. The … Continue reading