MIT Artificial Life summer issue – Chu-Ho revisited

The summer 2007 issue of Artificial Life is now available. As I previously mentioned, this issue contains three papers relevant to Rosen. They all revolve around the 2006 paper by Chu and Ho: “A Living System Must Have Noncomputable Models” by A.H. Louie Abstract: “Chu and Ho’s recent article in … Continue reading

A Wiki for Rosennean Complexity

An announcement from Jeff Prideaux on the ROSEN and ROSEN-L forums: I’ve created an interactive wiki website where the community of Rosennean scholars can participate in providing content about Rosennean complexity.  Currently, the wiki is just an empty shell (no content).  I would like to invite everyone with an interest … Continue reading

A Metaphor between Modeling Relations

One of the fundamental questions in quantum mechanics concerns the interpretation of the QM formalism: what does QM “say” about the material world?  Do the probability distributions in QM reflect corresponding innate properties in the material quantum world, or do they reflect only uncertainties in our state of knowledge about … Continue reading