Aristotelian Analysis (a.k.a. “Aristotelian Causality”)

  “It was, of course, Aristotle who associated the notion of entailment between phenomena with the question ‘why?’ and answered it with a ‘because’.”   – Robert Rosen, Life Itself Rosen uses Aristotelian analysis throughout Life Itself and Essays on Life Itself for understanding entailment structures in modeling relations. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

A Living System Must Have Noncomputable Models

  The following PDF file contains a pre-print of a rebuttal to a criticism of Rosen’s argument in Life Itself made by Chu and Ho in their paper, “A Category Theoretical Argument against the Possibility of Artificial Life: Robert Rosen’s Central Proof Revisited“, in the MIT Press journal Artificial Life … Continue reading

Rosen 1, Goertzel 0: Comments on the Appendix “Goertzel versus Rosen”

The following PDF file contains a reply to a criticism of Rosen made by Ben Goertzel in his book Creating Internet Intelligence (2002, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York). The reply is made by Dr. Aloisius H. Louie, mathematical biologist and former student of Robert Rosen. It is posted on this … Continue reading

Comments on a Paper by Landauer and Bellman

  A paper written by Christopher Landauer and Kirstie Bellman entitled “Theoretical Biology: Organisms and Mechanisms“, and published by the American Institute of Physics, critiques some aspects of the work of Robert Rosen in his book Life Itself. Landauer-Bellman come to the strong conclusion that “the Mathematics is incorrect, and … Continue reading