JTB Paper: From L’Homme Machine to metabolic closure: Steps towards understanding life

A paper by Juan-Carlos Letelier, María Luz Cárdenas and Athel Cornish-Bowden entitled “From L’Homme Machine to metabolic closure: Steps towards understanding life” [1] has been published in the October 2011 issue of the Journal of Theoretical Biology. The abstract: The nature of life has been a topic of interest from … Continue reading

Louie: “Relational Biology of Symbiosis”

Published in the December issue of Axiomathes. The abstract: I formulate in relational terms the ubiquitous biological interaction of symbiosis. I explicate the topology of the different modes of relational interactions of (M, R)-networks, the entailment diagrams that model the host and the symbiont. These modes all have biological realizations … Continue reading

Levin: “A Top-Down Approach to a Complex Natural System: Protein Folding”

Published in the December issue of Axiomathes[1]. The abstract: We develop a general method for applying functional models to natural systems and cite recent progress in protein modeling that demonstrates the power of this approach. Functional modeling constrains the range of acceptable structural models of a system, reduces the difficulty … Continue reading

Klir: Book Review of “More than life itself: A synthetic continuation in relational biology”

Recently published review [1] by the editor-in-chief of IJGS George Klir of Louie’s book “More than Life Itself” [2]. The essential quote from the review (with which I heartily agree): My overall impression of the book is very positive. It is not only a comprehensive, rigorous and well-written overview of … Continue reading