New Book by Aloisius Louie: “More Than Life Itself”

Mathematical biologist and former student of Robert Rosen, Aloisius Louie, has written a new book, More Than Life Itself: A Synthetic Continuation in Relational Biology [1], which continues the development of relational biology which began with Nicolas Rashevsky and Robert Rosen. From the two-page book summary: Biology is a subject … Continue reading

Louie: “Functional Entailment and Immanent Causation in Relational Biology”

Aloisius Louie has written a new paper for the journal Axiomathes, entitled "Functional Entailment and Immanent Causation in Relational Biology" [1].  The abstract: I explicate the crucial role played by efficient cause in Robert Rosen’s characterization of life, by elaborating on the topic of Aristotelian causality, and exploring the many … Continue reading

Biological Function and Anticipatory Systems

From ScienceNOW Daily News, this story, entitled “Pavlov’s Bacteria?”[1]: Researchers already know that microbes can mount simple responses to changes in their environment, such as acidity fluctuations, by altering their internal workings. If the changes are regular enough, bacteria can respond ahead of time. But systems biologist Saeed Tavazoie of … Continue reading

NASA Astrobiology Assessment 2008

From the National Academies Press comes the 2008 “Assessment of the NASA Astrobiology Institute” [1]. The Executive Summary section begins: Astrobiology is a scientific discipline devoted to the study of life in the universe—its origins, evolution, distribution, and future. It brings together the physical and biological sciences to address some … Continue reading

Crick’s Central Dogma and Closed Causal Loops

A recent article in the Journal of Biology, entitled “Small changes, big results: evolution of morphological discontinuity in mammals” [1], discusses how significant phenotypic changes appear to often be the result of variations of gene expression due to regulatory controls, instead of as a direct result of the primary sequence … Continue reading