Klir: Book Review of “More than life itself: A synthetic continuation in relational biology”

Recently published review [1] by the editor-in-chief of IJGS George Klir of Louie’s book “More than Life Itself” [2]. The essential quote from the review (with which I heartily agree): My overall impression of the book is very positive. It is not only a comprehensive, rigorous and well-written overview of … Continue reading

Systems Biology, Holism and Reductionism

A new paper, “So what do we really mean when we say that systems biology is holistic?” [1] discusses the relationship between holism, reductionism and systems biology. Although the author does provide a historical overview of various interpretations of ‘holism’ and ‘reductionism’, the end result remains: a lack of clarity, … Continue reading

Stokesian jellyfish: Viscous locomotion of bilayer vesicles

From arXiv, a paper entitled “Stokesian jellyfish: Viscous locomotion of bilayer vesicles” [1] that I think Rashevsky would have approved of. The abstract: Motivated by recent advances in vesicle engineering, we consider theoretically the locomotion of shape-changing bilayer vesicles at low Reynolds number. By modulating their volume and membrane composition, … Continue reading