Did life begin between the sheets…of mica?

From ScienceDaily: ScienceDaily (Dec. 5, 2007) – Life may have begun in the protected spaces inside of layers of the mineral mica, in ancient oceans, according to a new hypothesis. The hypothesis was developed by Helen Hansma, a research scientist with the University of California, Santa Barbara and a program … Continue reading

“Topology and Life Redux” Paper by Louie & Kercel

A paper by Aloisius Louie and Stephen Kercel, entitled “Topology and Life Redux: Robert Rosen’s Relational Diagrams of Living Systems”[1], has been published in the latest issue of the journal Axiomathes. The abstract: Algebraic/topological descriptions of living processes are indispensable to the understanding of both biological and cognitive functions. This paper … Continue reading

Roy Spencer on feedback in climate models

Climatologist Roy Spencer posted a very interesting entry this week at the Climate Science blog, entitled “Positive Feedback: Have We Been Fooling Ourselves?“, in which he focuses on the following concern: The traditional way in which feedbacks have been diagnosed from observational data has very likely misled us about the existence … Continue reading

Kercel – chapters in “Systems Biology: Principles, Methods and Concepts”

From an October 2006 post by Steve Kercel on the ROSEN-L discussion list: Many of the issues that you have been discussing are addressed in Systems Biology: Principles, Methods, and Concepts edited by Andrzej Konopka, ISBN: 0824725204 published by CRC. …. I have two chapters in the book. One discusses … Continue reading

Aristotelian Analysis (a.k.a. “Aristotelian Causality”)

  “It was, of course, Aristotle who associated the notion of entailment between phenomena with the question ‘why?’ and answered it with a ‘because’.”   – Robert Rosen, Life Itself Rosen uses Aristotelian analysis throughout Life Itself and Essays on Life Itself for understanding entailment structures in modeling relations. Unfortunately, … Continue reading