Paper: “Closure to efficient causation, computability and artificial life”

I missed the publication of this last month. The abstract [1]: The major insight in Robert Rosen’s view of a living organism as an (M,R)-system was the realization that an organism must be “closed to efficient causation”, which means that the catalysts needed for its operation must be generated internally. … Continue reading

Comments on Wells’ “In Defense of Mechanism”

A 2006 paper attempting to criticize some of Rosen’s arguments, entitled “In Defense of Mechanism” by A.J. Wells [1], was recently brought to my attention. The paper makes a lengthy series of erroneous arguments based on misinterpretations of Rosen’s arguments. Wells begins with a list of statements drawn from Rosen’s … Continue reading

Remarks on Chu-Ho Fall 2007

Dominique Chu and Wen Kin Ho iterate their previous exercises in misunderstanding and misconstruing of Rosen’s work with their latest paper, “Computational Realizations of Living Systems“, in the Fall 2007 issue of the MIT journal Artificial Life [1]. The abstract: Robert Rosen’s central theorem states that organisms are fundamentally different from machines, mainly because they are ‘‘closed with … Continue reading