Louie: “Functional Entailment and Immanent Causation in Relational Biology”

Aloisius Louie has written a new paper for the journal Axiomathes, entitled "Functional Entailment and Immanent Causation in Relational Biology" [1].  The abstract: I explicate the crucial role played by efficient cause in Robert Rosen’s characterization of life, by elaborating on the topic of Aristotelian causality, and exploring the many … Continue reading

Aristotelian Analysis (a.k.a. “Aristotelian Causality”)

  “It was, of course, Aristotle who associated the notion of entailment between phenomena with the question ‘why?’ and answered it with a ‘because’.”   – Robert Rosen, Life Itself Rosen uses Aristotelian analysis throughout Life Itself and Essays on Life Itself for understanding entailment structures in modeling relations. Unfortunately, … Continue reading