Crick’s Central Dogma and Closed Causal Loops

A recent article in the Journal of Biology, entitled “Small changes, big results: evolution of morphological discontinuity in mammals” [1], discusses how significant phenotypic changes appear to often be the result of variations of gene expression due to regulatory controls, instead of as a direct result of the primary sequence … Continue reading

Rosen-related papers in Feb-2008 Biosystems

The latest issue (Feb ’08, 91(2)) of the journal Biosystems contains at least a couple of articles relevant to Rosennean Complexity. The theme of the issue is “Modelling Autonomy”. Two abstracts in particular caught my eye: Autonomy and hypersets Anthony Chemero and Michael T. Turvey This paper has two primary … Continue reading

“Topology and Life Redux” Paper by Louie & Kercel

A paper by Aloisius Louie and Stephen Kercel, entitled “Topology and Life Redux: Robert Rosen’s Relational Diagrams of Living Systems”[1], has been published in the latest issue of the journal Axiomathes. The abstract: Algebraic/topological descriptions of living processes are indispensable to the understanding of both biological and cognitive functions. This paper … Continue reading

Hofmeyr – chapter in “Systems Biology: Philosophical Foundations”

From a March post by Jannie Hofmeyr on the ROSEN discussion list: Yesterday a new book entitled “Systems Biology: Philosophical Foundations” was published by Elsevier. In it I have a chapter entitled “The biochemical factory that autonomously fabricates itself: A systems-biological view of the living cell” which was inspired mainly by … Continue reading

Louie paper in MIT Press Artificial Life journal

MIT Press’ Artificial Life journal announces it will publish Aloisius Louie’s rebuttal paper,”A Living System Must Have Noncomputable Models“, to the 2006 Chu-Ho paper “A Category Theoretical Argument against the Possibility of Artificial Life: Robert Rosen’s Central Proof Revisited” (see this post) in the forthcoming Volume 13, Issue 3, Summer … Continue reading

Wolkenhauer and Hofmeyr paper in JTB

A new paper by Olaf Wolkenhauer and Jannie Hofmeyr, entitled “An abstract cell model that describes the self-organization of cell function in living systems“, appears in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, Volume 246, Issue 3, 7 June 2007, Pages 461-476 . Link: doi:10.1016/j.jtbi.2007.01.005  Preprint: Abstract: The principal aim of systems … Continue reading