JTB Paper: From L’Homme Machine to metabolic closure: Steps towards understanding life

A paper by Juan-Carlos Letelier, María Luz Cárdenas and Athel Cornish-Bowden entitled “From L’Homme Machine to metabolic closure: Steps towards understanding life” [1] has been published in the October 2011 issue of the Journal of Theoretical Biology. The abstract: The nature of life has been a topic of interest from … Continue reading

Paper: “Closure to efficient causation, computability and artificial life”

I missed the publication of this last month. The abstract [1]: The major insight in Robert Rosen’s view of a living organism as an (M,R)-system was the realization that an organism must be “closed to efficient causation”, which means that the catalysts needed for its operation must be generated internally. … Continue reading

New Book by Aloisius Louie: “More Than Life Itself”

Mathematical biologist and former student of Robert Rosen, Aloisius Louie, has written a new book, More Than Life Itself: A Synthetic Continuation in Relational Biology [1], which continues the development of relational biology which began with Nicolas Rashevsky and Robert Rosen. From the two-page book summary: Biology is a subject … Continue reading

NASA Astrobiology Assessment 2008

From the National Academies Press comes the 2008 “Assessment of the NASA Astrobiology Institute” [1]. The Executive Summary section begins: Astrobiology is a scientific discipline devoted to the study of life in the universe—its origins, evolution, distribution, and future. It brings together the physical and biological sciences to address some … Continue reading